As subject matter experts and experienced consultants, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries over the past few decades.


We work with a number of players in the technology field, including:

  • Government agencies and industry associations supporting technology sectors
  • Startup companies leveraging special funding programs to pay for consulting services
  • Growing technology companies looking to enter new markets, introduce enterprise level management practices or pivot an aspect of the business
  • Enterprise level technology companies wishing to expand their understanding of customers, offer new products or enter new markets

Sustainability Innovation

  • Triple bottom line business strategies
  • Resource management, zero waste programs and supply chain assessment
  • Food and beverage service optimization
  • Innovation partnership development
  • Sustainability storytelling and corporate communications

Sports and Entertainment

  • League/expansion team research, analysis and strategy advisory
  • New revenue stream identification/new product launch
  • Licensing and partnering
  • Data analysis and strategy formulation
  • Sustainable venue operations
  • Technology assessment and selection (mobile ticketing, eWallet, digital fan engagement)
  • Cause marketing integration
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder relations management

Financial Instititions

  • Demographic/psychographic insights on new client markets
  • New product/service offering research
  • New product/service implementation planning
  • Marketing communications strategy and planning
  • Corporate social responsibility strategy, analysis and ROI measurement
  • Community engagement programming insights

Please see our Industry Solution page for credit unions looking to provide consulting services to their loan clients. We help credit unions explore new ways to support the communities in which they operate, insert the voice of the members into the evolving business and review existing services.

Post-secondary institutions

In addition to offering an Industry Solution for post-secondary institutions looking to validate the potential of a new degree or certificate program, we have worked extensively with universities and colleges in the following areas:

  • Alumni engagement
  • College sports business development
  • University/industry liaison programs
  • Communications audits
  • Campus policy development

Public Sector

We have worked with a wide range of crown corporations, and municipal, state/provincial and federal government agencies on:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Policy development and validation
  • Community economic development
  • Program reviews
  • Red team audits
  • Industry liaison
  • Program development and implementation
  • Event bidding and hosting advisory and planning

Resource Industries

We have a depth of expertise working with forestry, oil and gas and mineral extraction, and value-add businesses. Past engagements have included:

  • B2B sales and marketing development
  • Voice of the customer and channel marketing research
  • Multi-stakeholder working group formation and management
  • Liaising with trades training organizations


  • Regional marketing and sales promotion
  • Dealer / showroom program development
  • Local sponsorship strategy, implementation and ROI metrics
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Community engagement


We work with large social benefit and sports nonprofits on:

  • Funding strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Policy development
  • Organizational capacity development
  • Executive leadership
  • Process optimization

Life Sciences/Healthcare

  • Patient population research and market analysis
  • Investor communications
  • Product development insight
  • Marketing
  • Stakeholder engagement