The Intersection of Sport and Business

Specializing in sustainability, technology and community engagement, we provide business strategy renewal and innovative marketing platforms for professional sports teams and leagues.


We Are Diverse

We work with many industries, including technology, post-secondary education, the energy sector, sports, manufacturers, exporters, construction, and food services.


We Do Custom Work

Our best work comes from clients who weren't quite sure what problem they needed solving or how it was going to be resolved. Contact us to start a dialogue about your challenge or opportunity. We have a lot to offer.


We Work Globally

With current clients throughout the US and Canada, we offer our full range of services throughout North America. We also have networks in Asia and Europe and will be expanding our team in these markets in the near future.


Capacity on Demand

If you are a consulting firm, research company or agency, or a business short on staff and long on research, strategy and implementation work to be done - talk to us about partnership opportunities to expand the capabilities of your team.

Who we are

Find out more about the team behind Crux Group, how we got started and why we chose to form a co-operative.

What we do

We do custom work for our clients, offer flat fee solutions for specific industry applications, and provide capacity on demand to partner organizations. Click here to find out more.

Who we work with

Discover industries we work with, see case studies where available and find out where and how our work touches your world.

About Us

We are a world-class management consulting co-operative operating globally from bases in Vancouver, BC and Chicago, IL.

Our clients appreciate that we drive to the heart, or the CRUX, of the matter quickly and produce actionable solutions that respect their operating parameters.

We’ve brought together a diverse group of broad and deep expertise to act as your on-call SWOT team, providing agile, on-demand brainwidth to address strategic business issues quickly and effectively.

For select industries, we offer white-label solutions that allow our clients to implement new, proven revenue streams quickly and keep pace with our rapidly evolving economy.

The CRUX of working with us?  On-demand, cost-effective experts who work seamlessly within your team to keep your company moving forward.